Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peru Confectioner

Peru's most popular and successful confectioner in 1886 and for years before that date, was Robert Pelky, whose place of business, a one story frame, located on the southeast corner of Main and Broadway. The building was torn down to make room for the Cole block, where the Morris 5c and 10c store is now.

Robert Pelky boasted of a beard white as snow and that reached to the floor. In cold weather it is said that he used his whiskers for a muffler and kept warm.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Peru Idol Fan

My grandkids tease me about being such an American Idol fan. I have watched Idol for five years now. Honestly, I am having a hard time picking my favorite this year.

Year one, Kelly Clarkson was my favorite early on. Kelly has since won a couple of grammys. Year two, my favorite was Clay Aiken but he was second to Ruben Studdard. Year three, I missed the last couple of weeks --Fantasia won --heard she may star in a movie about her life.
Year four, although I am selective with country, I picked Carrie Underwood to be the Idol.

I may be wrong this early, but I think Mandisa and Chris Dautry will be the final two standing. However, Elliott is getting strong and I think 17-year-old Paris Bennett is headed for a record contract. Taylor Hicks is quite the showman and I like Katherine McPhee's voice.

Idol mania has produced 20-30 million fans, me being one of them. Can't wait till next week. How about you?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gaither Family Resource Center

If you have never visited the "Gaither Family Resouce Center", it is a very nice place to visit in Alexandria, In.

On Saturday at 10am and 2pm Micheal Still will demonstrate on his potter's wheel at the family center. Michael Still received his BA from Anderson University, and his MS in education from Indiana University. He has been teaching art and ceramics in the Maconaquah School Corp. since 1976. Michael's passion is pottery. He wants all his pottery to be functional, as well as beautiful, so it can be used every day.

Michael and his wife Diana, began going to historical festivals in 2000, demonstrating pottery on a kickwheel, much as was done in the 1800's. The picture is of Michael and Diana Still and Bill Gaither.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy 1st Day of Spring

You wouldn't know it is the first day of spring by the weather forecast today. I don't know about you, but I am ready to put my sweaters away, go dig in my garden, and soak up some sun.
Del and Bobbie Sease are working hard to have their plants ready at Seascapes. Not only are they good friends, they are also experts in the field of horticulture.
The following was written by my son Randy: Delmar Sease, my first employer, was also a very influential person in my life. I met Del through my mother because they were good friends. Del taught me many things. He instructed me how to drive a truck and tractor. This was the first driving experience I ever had. Del owns a series of greenhouses located near the Mississenewa reservoir. I helped to construct many of the greenhouses. Del was always understanding. One day I was working on a greenhouse, having to stand on the flimsy roof. As I moved up further on the roof it caved in. Del did not become angry as I thought he would, but helped me out and checked to see if I was all right. Anytime I did my work incorrectly Del would show me the proper way to do it. He never lost his cool when I fouled up. Del showed me the proper way to use many tools that I had never used before. I owe a lot to Delmar Sease.(March 13,1978)
Anytime you want expert advice-ask Del. He believes in customer service. Happy Planting!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cell Phone Users

Statistics show that 1/3 of teens or pre-teens carry a cell phone. While teens love them, parents can get charged for excess minutes and for text messaging.

If you put your 18-25 year old in a vehicle with a cell phone attached to their ear, statistics have proven that their reaction time is the same as a 70 year old who is not using a cell phone.

The studies also found that drivers regardless of their age-using cell phones-were 18% slower in hitting their brakes. There was also an increase of rear-end collisions with cell phone users.

Maybe they need to put a regular phone to their ear in the safety of their home to protect our highways.