Saturday, May 06, 2006

In Peru--The River Teays

Did you know we are sitting on the top of an underground river? The Teays river at it's widest point is fifteen miles across. The River was discovered some one hundred years ago by geologists working in the Ohio Valley. The River was the result of glaciers which shaped the terrain. It passes through several states. The river begins underground in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, flows across Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and then into Indiana. From Peru, it then goes southwest to Lafayette, across Illinois to the Mississippi River.

Peru, Wabash, and other communities draw their drinking water from the Teays River. Peru has three wells that are located in Oakdale. Who would guess "the river runs through it"--underground--and in Peru.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Old Clubhouse

About 1840 Alexander Wilson built a home on Strawtown Pike. The property now belongs to the Municipal Golf Course. The home was considered a mansion. The home was considered a gathering place for politicians and a social center. The home was built a few years before Alexander enlisted in the Mexican war. Mr. Wilson was killed on August 11. 1848 by Mexican guerillas a few miles from the Mexican border.

The land secured by Alexander Wilson is part of the Maconaquah Park on which the golf course is situated. Mr. Wilson moved to Peru in 1834 with wife Matilda and two young sons. He was engaged in the general store business and meat packing business. He was located at the northeast corner of Miami Streets and Second Street. In 1839, he merged with John Graham. The company was call A. Wilson and Co. They packed pork.