Saturday, May 20, 2006

Michael Costin of Peru

Michael P. Costin was born at Willow Springs in Cook Co. Illinois on April 25, 1862. His parents were Michael and Mary (Mallon) Costin , both of whom were natives of Ireland. Mr. Costin's wife had relatives in Peru and it was this influence that brought him to this city in 1892. For a few months he was a clerk in the Betzner Grocery Store, and then for a time drove a delivery wagon for Hugh Mccaffrey. In 1893, he bought a team and a dray and started out on independent venture.
Mr. Costin was located at 153 North Broadway. He was offering General Draying, Moving, and Hauling. For this class of work Mr. Costin has all the latest and special appliances and among his achievments in this line were: the immense safe in Shirk&Miller's Department Store, the placing of some of the highest and largest smoke stacks in the city, the large printing presses of the Chronicle and Republican offices. He is also the only man in the city who ever used a block and tackle in swinging a large piano from the ground to the second story without a mishap. Mr. Costin hauled the first rails and ties for the Peru-Wabash Traction Co. which is now building their line from Wabash to this city. He is a genial, whole-souled business man whom our citizens are glad to have in their midst.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lad out of Work in Peru

1915--Fifty years ago, a red-headed freckled-face little lad was running around in Miami County, and he was looking for work, not for play. His circumstances forced him to work in order to support his widowed mother; fortunately he liked work and from the first position he held in a livery stable, working for 50 cents a week, up to the present time, this lad has never taken a vacation.

At one time Ben Wallace only owned the cheap overalls and suspenders he wore. He did not inherit a dollar, has never had any pull except that of his own brain. At one time, he did not have enough money to buy food for his pet canary.

Today he owns one of the largest herds of elephants in the country and is operating one of the largest circus organizations in the world. He is president of one of the largest banking institutions in Indiana, the Wabash Valley Trust Co., at Peru. He owns one of the largest department stores in the states. He owns a theatre and all sort of land buildings in that city. But, Mr. Wallace's wealth is centered in land. Aahh! The American Dream!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Peru City Council Thumps Dietrich Gas

October 1897--The Peru City Council took off the gloves and went to battle against Dietrich Natural Gas. The Council passed an ordinance regulating gas costs. When Dietrich threatened to shut off the supply, the Council cooly informed Dietrich that if the supply were interrupted, Dietrich would have to dig up all their pipelines and the city contract would become void.

Nothing like a little government for the people, eh?

Peru Profile: Ringmaster Judge Bruce Embry

Throughout the years, Bruce Embry has donned many hats. He's been a Navy journalist, a judge for 26 years, circus ringmaster, and a choir singer at Peru's First Presbyterian Church

Bruce was born of British heritage in Maryland, but has since become a Peru transplant. He's married to Cheryl Pierce and has three children-Brent, Shannon, and Reid. Also, he's the proud grandparents of Bailey and Brodie.

When asked about his favorite thing about Peru, he responded by saying "ability to know so many people" and "friendly".

When I asked Bruce about being a judge he told me the hardest thing about being a judge were child custody cases. His most unusual case? A small claims case concerning a beer can collection. The cases Bruce found the strangest were abductions and murder, while the most repulsive were crimes against children.

Some personal trivia about Bruce-he is a steak and potato sort of guy, loves butter pecan ice cream, likes ethnic foods, and hates cottage cheese. His favorite ball team: the New York Yankees. You may find Bruce on the golf course trying for that hole-in-one or at home working on stained glass.

We are so glad you became a Peruvian. You are a welcome addition to our town.

Peru Circus Band

The Peru Circus Band will once again offer free concerts. Musicians from all walks of life--the young, middle-aged, and the well-seasoned musicians will once again provide music for the performances at the circus building, as well as the free concerts in the community.

The schedule is as follows: May 31--7:00 at Eastwood------June 10--1:00 at the museum---June 21--7:00 at the PHS auditorium---July 5--7:00 at the firestation. This could be subject to change.

Grab your lawn chairs and relax to an evening of music provided by the Peru Circus Band.