Saturday, November 04, 2006

SQ Mascot

Mrs. Jesse Steiner worked at Sq D Peru for 21 years. Jesse had a dog by the name of Brownie who would follow her to work everyday. She let Brownie watch her punch in and out and the dog would hang around all day waiting for her to leave work. Jesse left the Peru Plant due to ill health in 1949. Brownie continued coming to the plant everyday. Just before 7 a.m. he would be at the time clock, at the noon buzzer, and at quitting time. Workers at the plant believed you could set your watch by him.
The Peru Oldtimers decided that Brownie should be rewarded for his faithfulness. So, adding his mistress' service of twenty-one years--to Brownies four--they bestowed a twenty-five year pin to Brownie. What kind of dog was Brownie?? I believe they call it a heinz 57.

SQ D- Schneider Electric

Sq D Peru, was the recipient of IndustryWeek Best Plant 2006. The criteria for winning an award of this caliber is based on inventory management, high regard for safety, productivity, and serving the customer. Over two hundred industries were nominated for this award. Of the top ten, three were from Indiana. In 2005 the Peru Plant acheived a 97% on-time delivery.
Sq D started in Peru in 1920 making porcelain bases for safety switches. Through the years many changes have been made to better serve their customers.
Of a personal note: I retired in 2005 after working twenty-six years. The job provided a good living, many challenges, an appreciation for safety, and fellow workers who became friends. Congratulations to all who made this award possible!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Boston Store

1905--This celebration devoid of fuss or flourish, will focus the attention of all the people of Peru and Miami County. We invite you to participate in this important event. Come in to our store with the welcome and freedom of old friends.
Our mission is broad, our aims will constantly be bent toward the best service to the public, and satisfaction to all.
We have leased the Sullivan Building at No. 59 N. Broadway for several years, and with your help we will try to make this store the people's most popular trading place in Peru. We will carry a full line of Dry Goods, Millinery, Ladies' Furnishings, Queensware, and a full line of Household goods.
The Boston store was later moved to South Broadway where the Post Office stands now-2006.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coal Famine

1905--There came near being a coal famine in Peru during the past week, The supply of all the dealers was exhausted Friday and but for the arrival of three car loads on Saturday there would have been some cold stoves in Peru homes. The dealers have since received a shipment and the majority of them are supplied.
Aren't we glad we don't have to shovel coal to warm our homes? I can remember a few times that I had to do that. I prefer to walk to my thermostat and turn it up a little as opposed to shoveling coal and having to get rid of the klinkers. How about you?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chicken Thief

1905-Two officers of the Cass county detective assoc. accompanied by a member of the Logansport police were in Peru and took into charge C.H. Miller. Miller hired a horse and wagon and drove to the homes of Edward Kirkpatrick, Lewis Hertzell and John Zimmerman. He loaded up four dozen chickens and four turkeys belonging to these men and drove to Peru where he sold his product at the Peru packing house. He received $23.09 for the lot and straightway began to spend the money in some of the numerous saloons on South Broadway. He was in a candy store at 117 South Broadway when found by Sheriff Skinner and Officer O'Brien. He had $21 of the spoils in his pocket and his rig was located at the Davidson barn. At first he denied his guilt but before being taken back on the noon car, he confessed and now he will await a sentence of the Cass county court, which will doubtless place him in the Southern reformatory for a few years.