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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gabriel Godfroy

August 15, 1910--Gabriel Godfroy chief of the Miami Indians, died at his home four miles southeast of Peru last Sunday. Chief Godfroy was seventy-six years of age, being born on January 1, 1834. His father was Chief Francis Godfroy of French descent, who moved his family to the county shortly after the birth of Gabriel. After the death of Frances, Gabriel became chief and devoted his time, energies and money to the interests of his people. Because he was liberal Chief Godfroy became poor. He was called upon scores of times to pay fines, assessed against the Indians for intoxication. For seven years he paid the expense and the stood the worry of a battle with the county commissioners brought to compel him and others of his tribe to pay taxes on their lands. They claimed the lands to be exempt, because of the treaties by which they were deeded to them by the government. Shrewd lawyers took advantage of him and helped to reduce his wealth. Chief Godfroy was married three times and by his three wives he became the father of nineteen children. His short stout figure and his long snow, white hair, made him a picturesque figure.

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Earthquake in Peru

Oct. 31,1895--A very marked siesmic disturbance was noticed in this city this morning a few minutes after 5 o'clock. There were two shocks ten seconds apart. The earth seemed to vibrate north and south and to one lying in bed the sensation felt like some one had hold of the bed post pulling and pushing with violence. Some people jumped out of bed and ran out of the house. Some ran down into the cellar to see if the gas had exploded and others looked under the bed for burglars. No damage was done other than frightening those who were awake.