Saturday, September 30, 2006

Marty Hess

Marty Hess is an elder at the First Presbyterian Church. Marty is a registered nurse and wife of Jack Hess at the Presbyterian Church in Peru. Marty is a breast cancer survivor. Marty is now fighting for her life with acute myelogenous leukemia. The chemo that put the breast cancer into remission has led to this. She is now scheduled for six weeks of intense chemotherapy. My wish is that the community will stand behind Mary and Pastor Jack in prayer. To follow her battle with her disease go to Please keep her in your prayers. Pictured is Marty Hess and Juanita Geberin.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Lentz Bros.

Have you looked at photos from the flood of 1913 and noticed the name of Lentz Bros. on the photo? This firm consists of gentlemen who are practical artists, and whose love for the picturesque and beautiful exhibits itself in every detail of their work. They excel as artists, and love detail and aim for excellence. Lentz Bros. have kept pace with all improvements in the art, introducing the new and beautiful effects and all advances made. Lentz Bros. were born and raised in Peru and they are the recipients of a liberal and influential patronage. They did an excellent job of capturing the history of our town. The old cliche--a picture is worth a thousand words.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

American Sylvan Electric Bath No.2

The bath is a German discovery, protected by American patents, and was introduced into this country toward the close of the year 1899. This is the only one of its kind at present West of Brooklyn, New York. It has curative effects upon Gout in all stages; Muscular and articular Rheumatism in all forms. The bath has also proven itself very efficactous in treating Neuralgia: Nervousness; Muscular Atrophy; Stiffened Joints; Stagnations of the Blood; Asthmatic Complaints; Weakness of the Heart; Paralysis, Diabetes, and other diseases due to disturbed assimilation and circulation of the blood. The Electric Bath was located at 65 North Miami Street and was owned by A.H. Kalbfleisch, M.D. I wonder if this was like our modern day whirpools?
An antique store is open for business at the same address in 2006.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bearss Hotel

Visitors and a vast number of travelers renders first class hotels an absolute necessity, and by general consent the Bearss Hotel is ranked as the best in the country. The hotel has sixty well furnished rooms available for guests. It is supplied with all modern appliances, electric lights, heated by gas, ladies and gentlemen's parlors elegantly furnished, complete sanitary arrangements, and is fitted in the most modern style of art. The cuisine has a high reputation for excellence. It is so sad this building is no longer in existance. It is nothing more than a pile of rubble hauled off somewhere.. Famous visitors, many memories, and numerous events were all part of the Bearss Hotel. If we could go to the pile of rubble and it could talk --what a tale it would tell.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Five Corners

Five Corners was a straggling village in the western part of Allen Township, so named on account of its location at the intersection of several roads, and at one time achieved considerable reputation as a trading point. The place was never platted, being merely a thickly settled locality to which the term village can scarcely be applied, but it early on became the chief source of supplies for a large area of territory in Miami and Fulton Counties. About the year 1857, or perhaps earlier, a stock of goods was brought to the place by Moses & Williams, who carried on a very successful business for a period of six or seven years. The business went through a few more owners when L. Carl began merchandising, and continued with fair success for over a year, when he moved his stock of goods to Macy, his store being the last business venture at the Corners. A postoffice was established in 1859, with Nathaniel Bryant as postmaster. The last postmaster was L. Carl, who had charge of the office when it was moved to Macy. The only remnants of the village is Five Corners Cemetery., where lie many of the first settlers of the county.