Friday, June 09, 2006

Grissom Air Museum Peru, Indiana

Grandson Joey and I went to the Grissom Air Museum . I must confess I have driven by the museum many times and never stopped. The museum is very interesting for a young boy of eight years old. He was able to sit in a cockpit and pretend that he was flying. His little legs carried him to the top of the 5-story tower so he could see the planes from a different view.
The B58 Hustler that is on display is one of only eight left in the world--the museum having the oldest. The B25 on display was featured in the movie "Catch 22".

The Air Museum is in it's 25th year. John Crume from Kokomo was instrumental in starting the museum and rounding up the many volunteers needed to make his dream happen.
The Air Museum is shy of meeting their goal to pay for the acquisition of an f-14 Tomcat. Your generous, tax-deductible support will meet that goal. Contributions may be sent to 1000
West Hoosier Blvd., Peru, IN. 46970

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cole Porter's Cadillac in Peru, Indiana

Cole Porter ordered a 1955 Cadillac for his European Tour. It was used in 1956 and 1957 to tour Europe. The car was shipped to New York from Italy in 1959. Later the car was given to Madeline Smith, his secretary of over 20 years. Then her son Drew registered the auto in his name in 1959. A Mr. Scott purchased the car and had it restored. Through his generosity it was donated to the Miami County Museum in December 1994. When the Cadillac was completed in 1989 the cost was $180,000.

The Cadillac was in the movies "Godfather" and "The Kennedy's". Be sure to stop in the Miami County Museum this weekend to see the famous car.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Grandson Joey in Peru

My grandson Joey is visiting from Coshocton, Ohio. This has been our week in pictures....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cole Porter

This week will be the anniversary of Cole's birth. What beautiful music he wrote! Cole Porter was forty-six years old when he was in a horseback riding accident that caused him severe pain until his death. After the accident the doctors wanted to amputate his legs, but his wife Linda and mother Kate said no to the amputation. The two women reasoned he would die from despair. Cole's legs would never mend; he had to endure some thirty-five operations and still had to have one amputated. Even after his operations and constant pain he provided scores for Hollywood movies and Broadway musicals. He wrote hits such as: "Leave It to Me," Kiss Me Kate," "Can-Can,"and "Silk Stockings". Five of his song made a list of the thirty most popular songs of all time. Some of my favorites were "Begin the Beguine," "Night and Day," and "I've Got You Under my Skin." It's unbelievable that Cole's music is still being played today--that says a lot for that little boy that was born in Peru, Indiana.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Mabel Ray Bundy Sausaman

1916-Centennial Celebration--The address of welcome by a great granddaughter of Frances Slocum-Mabel Bundy Sausaman was as follows:
Relatives and Friends: We are indeed very much pleased to have you with us here today. This is the second reunion of the Slocums of the United States at this place since the beginning of this century, and since the ceremonies that attended the burial of our ancestor, Frances Slocum, styled the "White Rose" by the Miami Indians, and the "Little Lost Sister" by the Quaker folks back in the Wyoming Valley, her babyhood home. The first meeting of the descendants occurred here on May 17, 1900, and the event was one of unusual interest. With my joy over your being here today is mingled a tinge of sorrow, for as I look around me I seem to miss greatly the handsome faces of Dr. Charles Slocum, James Slocum Bennett, and Elliot Slocum, who were here the last time and are now in the spirit world. These three men played a prominent part in the unveiling ceremonies in the cemetery years. But let us not be troubled at this time with the memories of the past. 'Tis better that we live today in the present. Let us enjoy this occasion to its fullest extent and may there be no regrets at the close; let it be a perfect day. We bid you welcome and may God bless us all