Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Son

If you people in Coshocton can figure out who this sweet little boy is ------Wish him a Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hometown FCU in Peru

Hometown Federal Credit Union will be seventy years old on August 18, 2006. The credit union started in a cubbyhole at Sq D, then moved to a 36x8 construction trailer, then yet another trailer that was 14x52. Credit Unions are owned by their members and are a non-profit organization. Credit unions offer most services that banks do, with the exception of large loans or mortgages.
Hometown F.C.U. started as Sq D Federal Credit Union and two of the charter members, Martha Opple and Ed Miller, are still with the credit union today.
The present building, at the corner of Ewing and Broadway, replaced the old Bonded Gas Station. Prior to that was the Golden Flash and the infamous Rainbow Bar.
A recent attempt in 2005, was to rob the credit union. The man handed a note-the teller thought he was joking-needless to say it rattled him so much he turned and ran out almost running into a customer.
The credit union is managed by Karen Crockett and seven board of directors.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tale of Woe

July 1, 1918-If you care to know just why, if you owe the editor of the Peru Republican anything, you should make every effort to pay now.
On March 28, 1918 there were 8 persons employed at the Peru Republican. On the following day one of the employees left for Camp Taylor and is now in France. A month later the advertising compositer left for a higher salaried job. Later our machine operator was asked to go to Portland, but fortunately turned the job down. About the same time our gas engine gave up and we had to buy a new one. The next week a piece of furniture fell into one of the job presses and broke the casting in the machine. Then the writer last a $2.50 gold piece and dropped his watch and broke it's "innards". Then the supreme court handed down its decision in the oil inspectors case, and the writer lost his job, which lasted a whole year without pay. We are now with a staff of four. Next winter' coal is bought, but isn't paid for. Isn't that enough reason why anyone owing the Republican should pay the bill at once? (Written by Omer Holman) Peru Republican.