Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rockin' Birthday Party in Peru

The Class of 1959 will have a "back in the 50's" birthday party on July 22, 2006. It is a monumental year for us--we have reached the age ?? There have been so many changes in our lives. We graduated from Peru High School on Sixth street. Most of our teachers are no longer living-they shaped our lives. The days of Peter's drug store, Kar Hop, Penguin Point, Roxy Theatre, Wallace Theatre, Modern Dairy Bar, Sengers, lots of shoe stores, the old majestic Post Office--they are all gone.
Most of us have had children, grandchildren, and some great-grandchildren. Aren't grandchildren fun--you can spoil them-then send them home. How sweet is that? Our generation was brought up on rock 'n roll--Rock around the Clock, All I have to do is Dream, Yakety Yak,The Stroll, See You Later Alligator, Tom Dooley, and one of my favorites Blueberry Hill-- Alaska and Hawaii became states, Korean War, Rosa Parks, vaccine for polio, I Love Lucy, Mickey Mouse Club, Bandstand, Gunsmoke, Marilyn Monroe, and Black & White T.V.'s. We are going to celebrate all these memories and be with all our friends that we grew up with. We will be" Lost in the 50's Tonight".

Death of "Diamond"

March 11, 1898--Last Thursday evening "Diamond", the mammoth elephant at the head of the herd of the Great Wallace shows died at winterquarters here. "Diamond" was the largest elephant in America, being but a few inches smaller than the famous "Jumbo". His weight was about 7,500 pounds and he was in every way a remarkable elephant. He was valued at $10,000 by Mr. Wallace. The hide and bones were sold to a New York manufacturer Tuesday. The hide weighed 1,200 pounds.
July 22, 2006--In just a few weeks you will be able to see elephants walk down the streets of Peru at the Peru Circus Parade. They may not be as big as "Diamond", but to a small child they will seem mammoth.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The First Barbecue in Peru

If you didn't get to the Riverwalk last night it is a must for the 4th of July next year. Entertainment, food, demonstrations by the Fire Department, car show, and more food. Let me tell you about the first barbecue in Peru, October 31, 1884.
The crowd drew a crowd of perhaps 25,000. The parade was the largest ever seen in the county. The roast beef at the barbeque didn't go 'round. It was field-day for saloons, and restaurants. In the evening there was a nice display of fire works, a parade with 1,025 torches in line and a very large drunk.
John Muhfield's display in the industrial part of the parade was very creditable, but the Peru Brewery was the most imposing of any. It consisted of two wagons, the first containing an immense vat in which workmen were mixing the real stuff. The second a throne on which was seated Gambrinus King of Beer, guarded by a stalwart supported on each corner of the frame. Half a dozen small barrels of the beverage carried in the wagon were on tap and the liquid was distributed freely during the parade.I wonder who Gambrinus King of Beer was?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Betsy Bobel Opyt-Miss Indiana 2000

Betsy Bobel was seven when she started in Peru's amateur circus. Betsy was in three acts--side by side, tumbling and adagio. Betsy worked hard and became a flyer. She loved the exhilerating feeling of free flying. Betsy's greatest thrill was consistently catching the full twisting double in the flying trapeze act with her partner Andy Weaver.
Betsy graduated from Maconaquah in 1995 and is a graduate of Ball State in Dietetics. Betsy was crowned Miss Indiana in 2000. Qualities judges look for are friendliness, intelligence, personable, be well-spoken, and expressive. Betsy took her platform for healthy lifestyle to the schools and communities.
We are fortuanate to have two Miss Indiana beauties in Peru--and sisters at that. Mom and Dad, (Mina and Dave) Must be very proud parents.

Miss Indiana U.S.A. to be in Circus Parade in Peru

Bridget Bobel performed in the Peru Circus at the age of six. Bridget started as a Kiddie Clown her first year then graduated to side by side, tumbling, and roman ladders. She also was in the Web act and spun until her eyes were blood shot.
Being in the circus was a very positive influence which resulted in strong values, work ethics, and determination. Bridget has a sister Betsy who was also in the Peru Circus. The experience of two girls in the circus became a way of life for the whole family.
Bridget's fondest memories were all the good times she had in the back lot with the other performers-meaning the "old back lot" with the tree and dirt floor.
Bridget is a 1998 graduate of Maconaquah High School and a 2002 graduate of Ball State. Bridget is also a literacy advocate, volunteering for Indy Reads, a Marion Co. Library program, as an adult literacy tutor.
Give a warm welcome to Miss Indiana U.S.A., Bridget Bobel, when she rides down Main and Broadway in the Peru Circus Parade on July 22 at 10:00.