Thursday, July 20, 2006

Teddy Roosevelt visits Peru

October 12,1900- The democrats of Miami county, surely got little comfort out of Wednesday's meeting in Peru. The crowd at the railroad to greet Theodore Roosevelt, governor of New York, was simply measured by the acre. The lowest estimate was 8,000 people. The train was met at Logansport by a committee including Senator George Miller, Ex-Senator Robert Loveland. Ethan Reesoner and Dr. L. O. Malsbury, as the train pulled in Governor Roosevelt stepped to the door and was met by Captain Ira B. Myers and Hon. James F. Stutesman, who escorted him through the open ranks of the marching clubs to the speakers stand at the court house. Governor Roosevelt was introduced by Hon. Robert J. Loveland.
Robert Kennedy made a whistlestop in Peru in April of 1968. Children were let out of school so they could greet the candidate for President. Unfortunately, he was assassinated on June 5, 1968, so his dream of becoming president died with him.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Church is Planned by U.B.

April 13, 1900--The United Brethren are arranging to build a new church in Peru. They have been worshipping since last fall in the Odd Fellows temple (the old M.E. church). They have organized a society of 58 members, bought a lot, corner Main and Clay, and have already raised subscriptions amounting to $4,000. It is expected that the new church will cost $10,000. Peru is not over-stocked with churches, especially in the east end of town. Every church is a centre of moral influence, and a nucleus around which good people are gathered.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Baptist Church in Peru

1894--The cornerstone for the new Baptist church, Main and Wabash Streets was laid Tuesday July 17. This is what the box contained: History of the foundation and growth of the church, Roll of Sunday school teachers and scholars. Roll of the Ladies Social Union. The officers and members of the Women's Missionary Society and program for current year. List of members of the choir and amateur orchestra. Roll of senior and junior Christian Endeavor societies and of the Boys Brigade. Photograph of Geo. Geves, one of the founders of the church and the first to be buried from the old church. Picture of the exterior and interior of the old church. Picture of the present pastor, Rev. B.F. Cavins. Copies of city and county papers published in Peru. Copy of Peru city directory. Bible furnished by Pliny Crume. Letter from the First Baptist Church of the 19th century to the First Baptist Church of the 20th century. The sealed box contained these articles placed in the corner-stone.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dillinger in Peru

My great grandfather, Ambrose Clark, was a merchant policeman when the Dillinger gang rushed into the police department to rob them. Patrolmen Eldon Chittum and Eddie Roberts were also in the building. The gang told the three men to walk to the chief's office .....the whole time a machine gun was pointing at them. A restaurant night cook walked into the station and was told to line up with the other three. The gang walked away from the Peru Police Department with a loaded machine gun, nine-bullet proof vests, 10 magazines of machine gun bullets, seven revolvers and two holsters, one 12-gauge pump shotgun, three high powered rifles, one gas gun and three gas shells, a pair of handcuffs, and three badges. Eddie Roberts refused to give up his badge so the bandit tore it off his coat. An attempt was made to rob the safe--the outer door was unlocked, but the inner door was secure. Their car was running outside so they must have decided they had better get out of there. Three days after the police station holdup, four men robbed a South Bend bank of $5,ooo with Dillinger reportedly with them. They had plenty of gun power---that's for sure!!