Friday, April 21, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Senior Art Show

Last night, I had the privilege of going to the senior art show at Peru High school. It was a wonderful presentation put on by the aspiring artists of our town. The seniors each had their own space to show their talent as well as personal interests. They all did a great job, I as well as others who attended, were very impressed.
Aaron Newport- Mick Heron
Matt Hensley- Megan Huddelston
Curtis Hopper- Virgil Clary
Ashliegh Stanley- Aaron Jones
Kyle Miller- Kim Marburger
Kendra Hack- Demetric Jiles
Sherri Gray- Shae Laycock
Be proud of your accomplishments, You made us proud. Students will have the opportunity to view the art Friday at school. Good luck to all of you.

Maria Rasputin Mauled In Peru

Gather 'round children because I'm about to tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a big, black Himalayan bear, named Himmie, who darn near killed Rasputin's daughter, Maria, right here in ol' Peru.

Now, who's Rasputin you ask? Well, some call him the Mad Monk, but to others, he was a noble man. He lived back in the days when Russia had an aristocracy; before the commies took over. Well, Rasputin was supposed to have all kinds of magical powers and he had a lot of influence with Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra. There were lots of folks who didn't like Rasputin, he was a womanizer and a drunk, so they had him killed...again and again. The legend says they poisoned Rasputin, shot him, beat him, and finally, pitched him into a river where he drowned. Who knows what really happened, but it makes for a great story, huh kids?

So, Rasputin has a daughter and her name's Maria. After the commies killed her daddy, the Tsar, and Tsarina, little Maria needed a vocation; no, not a vacation, a vocation, she needed a j-o-b. Well, Maria loved animals and she became a lion, tiger, and bear tamer. Being Rasputin's daughter and all, European folks came out in droves to see Maria "hypnotize" the dangerous beasts. To make a long story even longer, Maria landed right here in Peru working for the Hagenbach and Wallace circus.

One day, Maria got in the cage with Himmie and he was doing one of his famous somersaults. Maria's English sounded more like Russian and ol' Himmie accidentally knocked Maria over. She panicked. At that point, 400 pound Himmie decided he liked the taste of Russian and chomped down on Maria fourteen times. A couple of fellas saved her, but she lost lots of blood. It didn't look like Maria would live. They put her up in Dukes Hospital and Dr. Malouf saved her life; just like he did with Clyde Beatty. They even brought leopard cubs up to the hospital to cheer up Maria.

Well, Maria recovered, worked in more circuses, and lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sam Blue Cigar Store

Sam Blue, 61 North Broadway, had twelve cigar makers in his establishment. Mr. Blue manufactured a number of leading brands which are of a high order of excellence, such as "Sumatra" and "Old Stock". The aim of Mr. Blue was to place before his patrons honest goods which were appreciated by the public. In the general stock you could find a complete line of smoker's articles. Mr. Blue was in every way entitled to the confidence of the trade, and was an enterprising representative of the cigar and tobacco business in the city of Peru.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In Memory Of

Fredrick Long passed away April 15, 2006. He was born the son of Thomas and Pearl Clark Long. He will be sadly missed by all his family.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Juried Art Exhibition

A statewide art exhibition takes place every four years for elementary art students. Judging for the Int'l Violin Competition was sent to regional in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Finalists are then selected and are sent to Indianapolis for final judging.

Two Miami County elementary students were regional winners that advanced to state. The two students were chosen as Grand Award Winners. On Sunday May 7, 2006 they will receive a check for $100 and a certificate of honor. Their art teacher will also receive a check for $100 for purchasing art materials. A commemorative plaque of a full color reproduction of the artwork will be given to hang in their school.