Saturday, August 05, 2006

David Letterman at McDonald's

I found this David Letterman video on my son's blog, Coshocton Then Coshocton Now. I hope this makes you laugh as much as I did.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Miller's Greenhouse Torn Down

Another Peru landmark is now gone--Bulldozers leveled Miller's Greenhouse in the last couple of days. The history goes back to the early 1920's when William Miller bought greenhouses from
F.B. Tinker.

F. B. Tinker came to Peru in 1888. On his arrival in this city he bought the green-house residence on West Main Street from G.C. Lange. The business was then in its infancy, but by sheer hard work, good management and courteous treatment, Mr. Tinker built up a trade that was second to none. There were six large hot-houses in all besides the outdoor beds, and even then he did not have enough room . Mr. Tinker made a specialty of roses, carnations, violets and bedding plants, and it was safe to say that every home in Peru had at least one or two specimens of his flowers. When he decided to sell, he sold the greenhouses to Wm. Miller and the houses were moved to West Third Street. The Miller family owned the greenhouse for several years. It is sad to see the end of another landmark.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cheeseburger in Paradise

More on the class of '66

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere

Class of 66 Reunion in pictures-

The Good Old Days

1893--The first indictment found in the Miami Circuit Court for assault and battery with intent to commit murder was in 1841 and the parties to the action were Peru's most prominent business men-Col. George W. Ewing and Hon. Daniel R. Bearss. Both were Indian traders. The difficulty grew out of some domestic affair--language contained in a correspondence. Bearss had threatened to whip Ewing and when this came to his knowledge, he armed himself with a pair of pistols, and exhibiting them in public declared that if Bearss arracked him he would kill him. They met on the sidewalk in front of Bearss' store, between Second and Third street, and Bearss attacked him. They clinched and both fell into the gutter where they were separated by Judge Cole and L.D. Adkinson. Bearss hurried into his store and closed the door with Ewing after him firing as he went. After exhausting his pistols Ewing took to his heels, with Bearss after him, running through town to a blacksmith shop where Ewing hid. Ewing was indicted for the shooting. Judge Biddle, of Logansport, was retained to defend him, his client helping in the challenge of jurors. Ewing was acquitted, no intent being established.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Willa Howell Bullock-Hoosier Salon

Willa won a purchase award for her painting"Ye Olde Lantern Restaurant"

Willa Howell Bullock-Hoosier Salon

The 82nd annual exhibition and the 17th year at the Indiana State Museum was July 30th at Indianapolis, Indiana. Out of 537 entries, 180 works of art by 137 current artist members were juried into the show. Prizes of $25,550 have been awarded for excellence. Each year a significant number of work are purchased from the show by collectors, corporations, organizations and the general public. Purchase awards totaled approximately $43,511. In addition to the exhibit at the Indiana State Museum, approximately 150 works will travel to 30 tour sites around the state of Indiana over three and a half months.
. From Nov. 13-Dec 8 the Logansport Art Association will host the exhibition. Dec 11-Jan5 the works will be displayed at the Clark Gallery, Honeywell Center, in Wabash. The Howard County Public Library in Kokomo will host the exhibition Jan. 8-Jan. 31.
Willa Howell Bullock of Peru has two works in the exhibition--"Ye Old Lantern Restaurant" and "Sunflowers in Wicker Vase." Willa received a purchase award for "Ye Old Lantern Restaurant".
Willa is represented by the Brown Co. Art Guild & Gallery and will have a solo show in October.
Her work is found in numerous corporate and private collections.