Monday, April 09, 2007

Peru Then and Now Update

Thank you to everyone who has visited Peru Then and Now over the past year.

My mother, the blog's author, recently passed away after battling a grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor since January. She'll be sorely missed.

As I know many readers are friends and former classmates; I'm encouraging you to leave condolences in the comment sections of the blog. I'll be managing Peru Then and Now for the near future.

Please know that comments are moderated. This means I'll be notified via e-mail when you post a comment. What this means is that your comment won't be seen immediately. I'm doing this to prevent spammers from filling up the comment section. Feel free to ask questions and share stories.

Most of all, thank you to everyone who helped provide care and give love to my mother. Over the next few days, I'll publicly acknowledge many of you. You've touched our lives over the past three months and we'll never be able to thank you enough.


Jodie Mavrick said...

I just want to extend the family my deepest sympathy. I went to school with Bonnie and, of course, have known her for so many years. She was always herself. . . never put on airs and was always so friendly. I will miss her wonderful smile. Also I want to thank Ellen for keeping all the classmates informed as to Bonnie's condition. We all kept wishing for the best.
Sharon (Jodie) Mavrick

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy: Thanks for giving us a bit of a forum to express our admiration for Bonnie's historical work and artistry, her contributions to our Community, and the huge footprints she's left behind.

Your Family was a marveloux example of circling the wagons in support and celebration of her life. I'm privileged to have gotten to know you.

God Bless--Joey Cole

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Bonnie, we remember her from school and when her folks had the restaurant on north bdy, in the 1950's.
We sure enjoy the blog and the memories of old peru indiana.

buck and belva hatton

Anonymous said...

I meet Bonnie when I was only in 7th grade thru her daughter Missy who has become the best friend a person could be blessed with. I was an only child and loved spending time with Bonnie (Mom) and the rest of the family. I quickly became another member of the family to be taken on all the wonderful trips that Mom would go on. She would take us on nature walks and name every plant we came upon, took us to grave yards and taught us how to make etchings of the tomb stones and the importance of knowing your family history.She showed us the importance of working hard and playing hard. She showed us to look for beauty in all things, some times you really have to look hard, buges was the hardest for me. But the most important thing I learned and will always be thankful for, that she showed me, was the importance of family and friends for with out them your life is hollow. She was a wonderful teacher, friend, mother, role model. I will miss her love, humor, and guidance in my life.
Karen Chapman